Monday, January 20, 2014

Joy Dare: 3 Gifts That Might Never Have Been

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare
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Jan 19 Joy Dare: 3 Gifts that might never have been.

No. 75-79

After the early and scary birth of this oldest child:

Momma and "the Kidd" 6 days after an Emergency C-Section
delivery. This was the first day I got to actually hold him.
We (mostly I) got scared and we thought (without consulting God) that the best thing for our family would be to stop. No more kidlets. And as a stubborn Child of God it took 6.5 years before we finally did consult God. AFTER a God smack upside the head in the form of a doctors words "IF you want to try for more, you better do it now."  Good thing for that smack OR THESE 5 MORE GIFTS might never have happened:

The "happy new year" pic from this year. Mom, dad and the
5 added gifts that might never have happened. God has
blessed us with 6 beautiful kidlets.
Having a baby early is a scary thing, but today it is far more scary to think about what would have been if we had not learned to trust God.

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