Thursday, January 9, 2014

In the Beginning Was the Word...

Fist week of the Jesus Project or my efforts of keeping my Focus on the Babe in the Manger is nearly over. Ann has some awesome print outs on the site but since my printer is almost always out of ink, and I like to be a little creative, I started this project in a sketch book.

Each day I have read the verse, recited the verse, quizzed the kids that are going along with me on this endeavor, studied what others have to say about the verse, and then contemplate the verse with my sketch book in front of me.

Here is how it went, in short.


Not my best work, creatively speaking... just words... but studying the word of God like never before is such a blessing. Each verse we learn by heart is another verse that will be tucked away for when we need encouragement and guidance.

And it is definitely helping with my goal of keeping focus on the Babe in the Manger.

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