Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comfort. Where Do You Find It?

A lot of people will tell you they have a favorite comfort food. Something to sooth the soul when you are down, or to put a little warmth in their house and bodies on very cold days.

  My choice for dinner tonight. Potatoes and Ham.

Like the rest of the country right now we are having a bit of a cold spell. Or "polar vortex" as the global warming folks are calling it.
My comfort food might not look really pretty, but it tastes good and it does warm the bones. Chicken noodle soup is another good one. Let's face it the different comfort foods are as different as people.

But while I was sitting here I was looking at the first bible verse for memory. And even a couple of the kids have learned it. AND I learned it. Amazing huh? I thought so. And as I've been going along I have been adding different notes. But today I FELT something different as I was contemplating the verse.

I felt comforted.

Oh, a new comfort! And less calories. That has got to be good. And we know it's better for the soul. YES!

When we seek God, We will find Him. When we sit and listen, we will hear Him.

2014 Focus... The Babe in the Manger.  Thank you God for all you have given to us. Thank you for new insight, for  renewed strength and for comfort.

Joy Dare: Three graces from people you love.
My family and friends have given me grace more times then I can count. Forgiven big mistakes and little ones. I have been very blessed in that respect and only hope that I extend grace to them as well.

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