Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kitchen Tips: Making Habanero Oil

Oh yes, habaneros those cute little orange peppers that set your world on fire should you ever be brave (or stupid) enough to actually take a bite out of one.

Pretty little drop of bio-hazzard on a stem isn't it?
We planted some peppers, but lo and behold I forgot what they were. So when I brought some in green as can be, because they didn't seem to be growing anymore and the husband took a little bite... we figured it out. Or at least had a strong suspicion.  When they started turning orange a few days later, then we knew.
In the front on the right I have a tomato plant that went nuts, just to the left of that is the pepper plant.
And we knew we had bitten of more than we could chew, literally. What the heck to do with the little orange fire bites? I went on a search and got an answer from my sis when she sent me this link:
                                                     Making Light: Listening to habaneros.

We decided we needed to make habanero oil, both regular and orange. YUM! Yeah. Read the instructions on the link, then come back here to read this, because there are a few things you really NEED to read TWICE.

1. Freeze them first. As the instructions say it makes them give up their flavor better.
2. Use olive oil.
3. DO NOT take the stems off, or seed them. Just wash them, dry them, freeze them and when you are ready to make the oil cut just enough to get to the middle.
4. Use a ziploc bag or plastic on your cutting board.
5. Use gloves.
6. Do not get the oil in your eyes, on your face, in your nose.

After you have made your oil - and this is important here, because it's not really clear in the link. When you go to cook with it.
1. DO NOT use water in the pan either before or after you cook with it so that it makes steam... STEAM containing habanero will basically turn your house into a gas chamber. Really, I'm not kidding.
2. It is wise to mix the habanero oil WITH regular oil when cooking for the first time, this will help you decide if you can handle the oil at 100% or not without ruining your meal.
3. Make sure that you use lots of hot soap and water to wash everything you touch the oil with.

A few things we used the oil for so far:

 Asian Orange Chicken Recipe
I used the habanero orange oil to cook the chicken in. OMG, heaven on a plate! Very good, and nicely spiced!

Habanero popcorn:
Use regular popcorn popped in the habanero oil, add a little popcorn salt.
Again, don't forget to cut the habanero oil with regular oil if you want to cut the heat.
and again DO NOT GET THE OIL on your face, in your eyes, in your nose. Cook in a well ventilated kitchen.

The husband has used the oil to cook all kinds of things. Hot dogs for instance.

I am not quite that brave (well maybe I am but I HATE hot dogs), I have used it to coat the pan I cooked my eggs in, and I threw a little oil in with some noodles, with some tomatoes (which btw cuts the heat a little) salt and basil. And I think that would be really good if I used orange oil to saute red, orange and yellow peppers with some mushrooms and a little onion and garlic to throw on the noodles as well.

Have fun with it. Cooking is one great big experiment, and if you like a flavor you might as well throw it in here and there and see where it works.  If it does not work out, chances are it won't be so bad you can't eat it... and if it is call it a night. If you are like me, you've probably eaten enough of the ingredients while you were cooking to make it through the night.

Be brave, be creative and enjoy!

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  1. I love spicy food, this sounds wonderful if I am brave enough to try it! This reminded me of my husband and I making some salsa for a party YEARS ago. Before kids, I think. My husband got the job of chopping the jalapeno, which neither of has ever done. After chopping it, he used the bathroom. Wow, he didn't wash his hands first and he was BURNING where he had to touch to go pee. We joke that it's amazing we were able to still have children....Sorry for the TMI but it cracks me up thinking about it. We have 9 kids, so obviously nothing was damaged. ;)