Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Joy Dare: Three Gifts Understated

31 day blog challenge - share an inspiring story... not sure how inspiring but there are a couple of stories, mixed in with my Joy Dare (which is out of order, btw).

The gift of a baby's cry.
   Most of the time we think of a baby crying and we think "no, not again" or "shhhh, shhh don't cry."  But the other day when we were talking with the kids Hubs and I remembered when our first was born. He was early and needed help breathing. We did not hear him cry for nearly two weeks, and when he finally did cry it was more of a whisper, because of the tube down his throat. But then FINALLY, he got a voice, and he cried. And we rejoiced because we had prayed we would hear him cry. And after that the babies kept coming, and we kept rejoicing at the cry... except at 2 am after a 4 hour cry fest... yes we are still just human.

The gift of a whisper.
   When a person is more than "just a little blue" and there is nothing you can do because there really is a chemical reason, and so all you can do is get some meds and then wait for it to adjust. And when you are in that place, sometimes it's less about "blue" and more about "crazy". Like getting overly touchy, overly angry, overly sensitive and yelling and crying and basically feeling like the world is caving in. And then... there is a whisper. "I love you, you are amazing." And it's coming from the person who chose to commit to spend the rest of his life with you for better and yes for "crazy".  And the person at which you have just directed your last bout of insanity at. And yet a whisper, full of promise, and full of love.

The gift of soft sheets.
    Have you ever bought some sheets because they look soft, and in the package they feel soft, but after a washing or two all you feel are the little fabric pills that feel like sand paper on your skin and make a good nights sleep impossible? So yes, the new truly soft sheets (rather than the sand paper in disguise brand) are absolutely an understated gift.

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  1. The little gifts! I was really struggling the other days feeling overwhelm. A friend called and knew something was off and she said "Know that I love you and you are amazing". It opened the floodgates and soon I was back to being in balance. Little gifts from a soft voice.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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