Sunday, October 6, 2013

Follow me...

Follow me child, I know the way.
The way to adulthood, to grow up I say.

Follow me child, I'll make sure you know,
the path you must take, the way you should go.

Follow me child, It's my place in this life,
to make sure you know how to deal with strife.

Follow me child, I'll teach you to pray,
God is there for you night and day.

Follow me child, we will scrub and clean, 
someday you'll need this, you'll know what I mean.

Follow me child, we will read a book,
to learn about math, and language, and how to cook.

I work and I teach, this child so true,
But I know with your words I've lost sight of you.

Follow me momma, I know the way,
to skip and to run, you remember? To play.

Follow me momma, lets color and draw, 
our dreams out on paper, no one ever saw.

Follow me momma, lets dance in the rain,
a laugh and a smile to push away the pain.

Follow me momma, lets sing a new song,
we have lots of time for me to follow along.

Follow me momma, you teach me to pray,
I'll show you the faith of a child every day.

Follow me momma, a little give and take,
along with the learning some memories we can make.

You work and you teach this child so true,
but momma, God sent me here to also teach YOU.

31 Day Blogging Challenge Participant

Day 6: A different voice

1 comment:

  1. Oh, yes, it's so true. We can learn far more from them about life, how to play, how to fight and then forgive in an instant, only to play again with laughter and thrills.
    Lovely poem touching both ends.

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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