Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Write

Wow! A post with a duel purpose. It fits both the 31 day blogging challenge and my five minute friday blog. Click the links at the end to take a peak and join if if you like.

So Five Minute Friday Word: Write

Writing is something I have done for a long time, meaning I've dabbled - a lot. I have stories from when I was in middle school. I like it because not only can it take you to another place, but it's a place I have created, therefore making it perfect. Which does not always mean utopia. It can be perfectly scary, perfectly painful, perfectly loud, or perfectly miserable. The idea is not to always paint the most beautiful life with words, but to create a place where the emotion is felt not only by the writer, but more importantly by the reader. Obviously, not ALL writing will create a strong emotion. This one for example, a more informative piece is not very exciting or FULL of emotion, but you should still be able to catch a sense of what the writer is feeling.
I love to write. I can be good at it, and sometimes, not so much. This is why I join the challenges and go with the prompts, because until I can be good at it more often then not, I do not consider myself a good writer.
So what do I think I need to do to become better?
1. Practice, hence the prompts etc.
2. Read other blogs, take note of the ones I think "work" and the ones I don't.
3. Learn more about grammar AND how to apply it to my writing.
4. Practice.
5. Get tips from others.

So after reading a few of my blogs, what would you suggest?

31 Day Blogging Challenge Participant  Five Minute Friday

31 Day Blogging Challenge: Write a post a day for 31 days, through October.
5 Minute Friday: Write for 5 minutes, unedited, on what ever word is sent in an email.


  1. Read a lot of books! That is another thing you can do to be a better writer. If you are seriously looking to improve your skills I also recommend reading "On Writing" by Stephen King - it's the best book about the craft out there!

    1. Thanks, I will look into that Stephen King was my all time favorite when I was a kid. I still like his work, I just don't seem to have a favorite anymore. So many to choose from...

  2. Writing is not something I have done for a long time...but I sure am enjoying it! The Lord seemed to push me out of the nest a few months ago and here I am! You are a great writer! I am joining you for the ride :)

    1. Funny how we get our 'pushes' or 'God smacks' (as I call them, because I tend to be a stubborn child of God and I don't listen very well so it takes a smack upside the head now and then.) Thanks for the complement and the follow.

  3. I think the best blog posts that I read are written off the cuff ... not rehearsed or edited too much. It seems that edits and rehearsals take some of the emotion out. Blogs aren't like novels where scenes need to be set, and characters developed ... They should be more natural, like a conversation between reader and writer. I think you should write about what you are passionate about or interested in, and know that those passions and interests might change over time.

    1. This is true, and I try not to edit too much - mostly because I usually make things worse. I like the way you put it, like a conversation, and will keep that in mind. Thanks for the read, and the advise.