Monday, July 8, 2013

Morning People

Thankful for this beautiful reminder of Gods love for me.

I use to be a morning person. Now, after years of being a morning person and 6 children,I am no longer a morning person. It probably does not help that I gave up coffee either.  There are times when I MUST get up early, like Sunday, when I got up at 4:30 am to take my husband to the airport for a short business trip. I was up off and on all night, I was tired, I did not want to wake up, but I did and on my way home God reminded me once again that He loves me.  Just look at this beautiful sunrise, and this picture that I snapped exactly at the right moment so as to get a heart amidst the trees.

Morning is my favorite time of day, still, even when I don't want to be up. It's quiet, the work has yet to begin and it is a good time to pray. It is a good time to plan. It is a good time to reflect. It is a good time to just remind myself of what it is I am put here for, and what my "job" is.

The problem comes when the day gets busy. And I get lazy, not just in body but in spirit, and I forget how precious my job is. You see, God has placed 6 children in my care. I am commanded to teach them in the ways they must go. I am to care for all their needs, yet also discipline them to be part of the Christian (and specifically) the Catholic family to which I have promised them upon their baptism. It's my job to filter out the junk of the world.

I don't always fulfill my duties to perfection, but I am so incredibly proud of my children. Not in a boasting way of being proud, but in all of their accomplishments of who they are becoming as people. From the oldest to the youngest, God gave these children to me in exactly the right order, they have exactly the temperament I needed or had the ability to deal with at the time.

At the same time God also has giving me a husband that has put up with more than others would. In that fact we have grown together, and become stronger. I learn from him, we learn from each other. And we work things out. Yes, we argue. But we have something that overcomes all of the hard times and the petty bickering. You might be expecting me to say "love", and we have plenty of that too, but the one thing that glues us together is commitment. To each other and to our family. And it only works because BOTH of us have this commitment. 

I may not be a perfect mother, nor a perfect wife and we may not always be a perfect family but as the saying goes... we are perfect for each other and I thank God for early mornings and the quiet time to reflect and the openness of heart to see in those moments, the messages he has just for me.

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