Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Present

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Five Minute Friday

Today's word: Present

I have written this 4 times today. Yes I know that is cheating. Sorry, maybe however you will forgive me once I've cheated again and taken extra time to explain.

1st draft was to explain that I am proud of my self for finally seeking to be more present with my children, yet embarrassed that it has taken me so long and that I am not doing as well as I should with all I know.

2nd draft was to explain that I had an epiphany while writing the first that in doing so very late at night with a big day already I was sabotaging my own efforts.

3rd draft was to go further and explain that I know that to a good job I need to expand my own thoughts to not only include my children (which has already given me much joy) but to wife and homeschooing  teacher, and house keeper as well. That is a big plate to fill, and almost an oxymoron to the idea of  'be present'.

But you see, we are called to a vocation, those of us who have faith and those of us who do not it's all the same we are called to a vocation something we are to do to make a better mark on the world then when we came. Yes, that is mostly a religious term, sorry. I am trying to fulfill my 5 min. obligation here... but even those who are not religious often feel pulled to do better, make better, and leave the world with something positive added to it.

To that end I also believe we have ruined a lot of good things. Bear with me...

We have gone from gathering the food we could find, to planting it in one place so we could set roots, to now going to a grocery store to conveniently picking it up... that is my example but it goes so much deeper into our apparent inability to be present with our families and children...

You see parents use to make toys with and for their children to teach them skills and keep them busy working at something with a purpose. Parents use to make sure that their children were busy in mind and body so as to keep them out of the more serious trouble that was possible.

Then we became "better" and started to buy dolls that had beautiful hair and clothes already with them, they looked perfectly like babies. But what did we loose? We lost the art of sewing and making something out of rags and scraps. Fathers use to make toys with their young sons out of wood, and then they started to buy them. And the boys lost the art of making something with their own hands. But more important our children are loosing the ability to use their imagination. It took imagination for little girls to see a rag doll and play with it as if it were a baby, it took imagination for a young boy to imagine the block of wood and see a horse and make it run and jump.

Now we have baby dolls that do everything from cry to poop to breastfeed... not kidding that is the newest gimmick coming out. We have horses so lifelike and mechanical that our children can sit on them and even take a ride around the room. And what has happened with their imaginations? They use the imagination they have left to find ways to get out of their homework, and chores and work. So they can sit around and play with idiot boxes and watch stupid cartoons that teach them more ways to get out of doing homework and chores and work.

If I had the means, especially in this political mess we are in, I would go to the mountains and go back to a simpler life. It would force more presence that is for sure. But I don't have the means, so now thanks to so much more contemplation and the lessons I have learned in the bit of changing I have already done, I have made the decision to be even more present in all I am called to do.  And in doing that things must become more simple. We are too busy... too plugged in... too stimulated.  Am I too late? No, it's never too late. Especially because another revaluation came to me as I worried about this post.

Even with all that I have failed at, I have also succeeded. My children are good kids, my oldest a fantastic young man. I have a good and loving marriage, and even though there will always be ways in which I can improve and therefore be much more present, I am satisfied that I have been more present then I have given myself credit for.

Ok 13 minutes... sorry. But I just could not cut out being present in this post at this moment in time.


  1. Hi Maxine!
    LOVE your honesty and transparency in your writing! You are obviously incredibly PRESENT with your family and the greater good. For that I am grateful! Thanks for your thoughts and word with this post!