Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In between

It's that time again, if you'd like to join in on 5 minute Friday's just follow the link and jump on in. It's fun, easy and interesting to see what everyone else does.
Five Minute Friday

Friday's word was: In between
Occasionally I find myself in between late and very late and why the heck did you even show up late... still this was a good day to go through this exercise.

In between light and dark.
In between anger and joy.
In between one child and another.
In between feeling too young and being too old.
In between organized and chaotic.
In between living my faith and drowning in temptation and weakness.
In between my desires and the expectations of  others.
In between a rock and a hard place.
In between birth and death.
In between knowing what is right and doing what is right.
In between absolute fear and absolute faith.
In between unconditional love and  undeniable frustration.
In between one activity and another.
In between one good nights sleep and sleepless nights.
In between loving myself and hating things I've done.
In between knowing who I am, and wondering who I am supposed to be.
In between my selfishness and selflessness.
In between knowing I am doing a good job and knowing I am not.
In between being humble and having more ego then 10 people combined.
In between grateful and spoiled.
In between educated and uneducated.
In between rested and exhausted.
In between trusting and gullible.
In between kind and cruel.
In between forgiving and holding a grudge.
In between steadfast prayer and unending worry.
In between ...
In between ...

Most of my days are spent in between. At the end of my days, I truly hope that I am remembered for having lived closer to the good then to the bad and that my children might learn to live better than I have. And that when  that time comes I find myself between God my Father and His Son.

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