Sunday, July 21, 2013

Emma and the Rolly Pollies

This is my baby girl, cute as a bug isn't she? "Take my picture momma." then pose after pose... what a ham.

Yesterday I went to the lake to take some things forgotten by my boys. When I got home baby girl had a surprise for me, in a cup she had captured her favorite creature in the world... 6 rolly pollies.


She wanted to show me each one so she dumped them out on her hand, but they quickly decided to go opposite directions and ended up on the sidewalk.


She then decided to herd them. It was much like hearding cats... "come here buddy, over this way little fella".

When I thought I had convinced her to put them in the grass I went inside, she soon followed with all of her new friends in tow. Except one, then when she turned around I realized that maybe the attraction isn't just a one way street with Emma and the rolly pollies, the missing one was crawling up her back.

My girls are a neat mix of tomboy and girly girl. I love that they can all get dirty in the mud, play with the bugs and still love to dress up and get all "pretty". They have their very own sense of fashion at times as you can see, but they do love dresses and dressing up.

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