Thursday, June 6, 2013

Joy Dare: 3 Gifts "Ugly-Beautiful"

I found a beautiful page and blog that has inspired me. And even though I am a procrastinator and didn't find it until a while ago AND still have not done much with it besides look it over, today's joy dare was just too perfect to ignore. SO... I am going to take some time and be thankful for all God has given me.
First things first, here is a link to the page:
A Holy Experience
Her name is Ann Voskamp and she has done a tremendous job of setting up a way for you to easily count 1000 blessings in a year. Even as much as a procrastinator as I am there is no way for me to skip it...

1. A ringing phone at 4:03 am... A sunrise that would have been missed. My son pocket dialed me early this morning as he got ready for a rifle competition 2 timezones away. At first I just went back to bed and thought I'd give him some jibbing about it later. However, I could not sleep so I got up in the very early morning before the light and I got to see the sunrise. There was nothing particularly spectacular about this sunrise, but it was beautiful anyway.  There is nothing quite like the quiet, literal dawning of a new day. It is a crisp, bright morning and like each day it's full of promise.

2. A pile of beads, mismatched. Of course a pile of beads is never really ugly, but the potential for this pile of beads was not very promising. On the other hand, a few days ago I started to make some sun catchers with this pile of beads and I like the end results. I even made a wind chime of sorts out of some of the bigger components, pieces I never thought I'd use. I like the results.

3. Caffeine withdrawal headaches ... very ugly. In a few days I will be over the headache, I will have accomplished a goal and I will be healthier ... beautiful.

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