Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Our Days" Homeschool Link Up (Our week in pictures)

"Our Days" Homeschool Link-Up {Our week in pictures} 

 Yes, this is our week in homeschooling, and it shows the fruits of our curriculum.
 See the little guy in the middle? That's Jake surrounded by his siblings (except for his big brother who is away at school) and our priest. Sunday was his First Communion.

 And this guy here? Thursday was his Confirmation.

We are proud of both of them, and they are doing especially well because we switched to a Catholic based curriculum a couple of years ago called Seton Home Study. Because of that the last two years have been soaked in the history of the Church of the relationship between our faith and the history of this country, and the stories of the Holy family and the Saints. Because of our curriculum our boys are more fully aware of what it is they did on these days. It has been ingrained. I was told several times how much the teachers of the other kids appreciated the knowledge my children have in their faith. It has helped to have it strung throughout their school work as well as our family doing our best to LIVE the faith.

This was our week in homeschooling. So far this has been my favorite week yet. :)

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