Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kids and Cameras...

Is it possible that kids catch some neat pictures because they take so many? Or because they don't over think it? Or maybe they just don't care and get lucky. :) I'm not even saying they are always "good" pictures, sometimes there is a blur here or there, sometimes they are at an awkward angle, and with the cameras we trust our kids with they are not the highest quality to begin with. BUT there are memories here... and a different perspective on life. As with anything kids can get into trouble with stuff... but I have found some of the most precious things on the kids phones. We have an iphone that is so cracked you can barely see the screen, but the pictures and audio I have found on that thing are priceless.

 Miss Maggie was out playing hide and seek when she laid down on the road just as it started to rain... when she got up she thought this would be a good picture... she was right.  *Note: the "road" is in an area of town that is off limits to motor vehicles.

Boys in trees. There are three of them here.  Joe Kidd (on the ground)  is 16 but he does not seem to be outgrowing his love of climbing - then jumping out - of trees.  I envy his energy and agility.  Miss Maggie took a series of pictures of the boys climbing. I wish her camera was a little better, but she does a good job with a simple 2.0 mp phone camera.

Again with Miss Maggie behind the camera (I think)... she catches the most precious pics with the little ones. The ones they take of each other are the best because they catch the most natural pictures.

And when you give a camera to a kid they always catch the fun. We had a pretty structured photo session at home while our oldest was home at Christmas... We didn't get pics like this on our camera - nope it took a kid with a camera at the side with no one paying attention to get this one... It is nice to remember on some of my most stressful days that I am married to my best friend, and surrounded by children that love us and each other. It is incredible when  you think of all the bickering that goes on.

Blurry and almost unrecognizable, but I found this little gem after the kids went and explored some of the other rooms at Casa Bonita. Leave it to my kids to find a stage in an empty room and decide to put on a show. This one especially encompasses what I was talking about earlier... he didn't care that this is the worst resolution camera we have, or that it does not work well when it's even a little dark. He took the picture and it is a moment caught that I would have otherwise missed. None of them thought enough of this moment to tell us about this, it was no big deal to them. But as a mamma I will treasure even this totally "bad" picture. Even through the blur you can see the joy, and you can see the personalities of these to sisters. Maggie the tomboy, goofy, willing to play along with the little sis.  Jesse, all girly girl, dresses up for every little thing and refuses to change just because the environment changes. She would climb a mountain in that dress if I let her.

"Take our picture mom, cuz 'I'm looking gooooood'".  No you can't hear it, because it's just a picture, and you were not there.  They were facing the sun so the look on his face doesn't even come through, BUT every time I scan past this one I can hear Jake saying that sentence to me as we hurried into the church because we were running late and I was feeling frustrated at little Emma for taking her shoes off YET AGAIN between point A and point B. His whole attitude and manner when he said it made that all melt away... He was not totally serious, yet not quite joking either. It made me laugh. 

I really would love to have a nice digital camera, but really, the picture quality isn't the most important part (most of the time) and the phone camera is just so convenient to carry. I hope to get one even better than the one I have now, there is a new one out there that will "light" the room, even without a flash - now THAT would be handy and it has more megapixels then the one I have now... BUT all in all that stuff isn't going to really change the snapshots that either create or recall the memories any better.
And no matter how good the camera - I'd still find a way to screw it up. LOL It's not so much the quality of the picture, but the moment frozen in time, the surprises left behind for me to discover, that I really love.

Could I still have most of these memories buried in my brain without the pictures? Of course. But the pictures "speak" to me. They bring a whole dimension to the memories that I would miss.

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