Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Joy Dare: Jan 1 (playing catch up) - 3 Gifts Heard

I found a beautiful page and blog that has inspired me. And even though I am a procrastinator and didn't find it until a while ago AND still have not done much with it besides look it over, today's joy dare was just too perfect to ignore. SO... I am going to take some time and be thankful for all God has given me.
First things first, here is a link to the page:
A Holy Experience
Her name is Ann Voskamp and she has done a tremendous job of setting up a way for you to easily count 1000 blessings in a year. Even as much as a procrastinator as I am there is no way for me to skip it...

I started this a little late so I'm going to try and double up a bit till I catch up.
Jan 1 Joy Dare: 3 Gifts Heard

I have this little girl, she is the youngest and she is a clown, our joy, and I believe she was put into our family to keep us in stitches. To give you a little taste of this I'll share three things she has said in the last couple of days that has us going.

1. Stuffing her toy hair dryer into the waistband of her pants she says to me: "look mom my gun, but it shows."  Apparently she has a conceal carry in her future, but for now seeing her struggle to get that pretty pink hair dryer into her waist band was just too funny. In the end the older girls helped her out a little by getting a dress on her, getting her a belt, and showing her how to tuck it in there. And her clowning was not finished because then she came to me and said: "Look mom I have a belly gun..." 
Don't ask me where she got that one from. We don't really discuss belly guns...

2. Today I was determined not to get frustrated with the kids and their school work. Well, with 4 doing school work and a 3 year old running around trying to stay occupied there are not many days that I don't get frustrated at least once.  So, I turn to my 4th in line who tends to take all day to do a math lesson when he sets his mind to doing anything BUT math, and I say to him "Jake, today after your math lesson we are starting something new. You are going to learn your math facts by heart, and you are going to learn them so well you'll be saying them in your sleep because out of all these kids I am going to have one kid who is my 'super math kid'. You are it, Jake, you'll be my super math kid.  Well, without skipping a beat little miss Emma comes to me with her make shift super hero glasses and says to me... "and I'll be your super hero kid"... Yes, my love, you will be my super hero kid for sure. :)

3. And then of course, she is the one who brings the best sound to my ears at the best times. She has the ability to make the other kids laugh too. When I am surrounded by the laughter of my kids I am in heaven on earth.  It does not matter what day you pick there is always a moment in the day when one or all of us can recall something funny that she has said or done. She is a pill, she can be sassy and bossy and even mean at times BUT it is outweighed multiple times over by the absolute joy she brings into the house. And I'll tell you when she says "I love you" she says it with such meaning and gusto that there is no doubt that her heart behind her words fully and completely, there is nothing in her that lets her say something "just because".

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