Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Joy Dare: A Gift Outside, Inside, On a Plate...

I found a beautiful page and blog that has inspired me. And even though I am a procrastinator and didn't find it until a while ago AND still have not done much with it besides look it over, today's joy dare was just too perfect to ignore. SO... I am going to take some time and be thankful for all God has given me.
First things first, here is a link to the page:
A Holy Experience
Her name is Ann Voskamp and she has done a tremendous job of setting up a way for you to easily count 1000 blessings in a year. Even as much as a procrastinator as I am there is no way for me to skip it...

A gift outside, inside, on a plate

1. Outside:  Nature in all it's splendor after a storm.
2. Inside: I found some patience. Red nail polish, a "beautiful" "favorite" dress, and 2 minutes of time. Yes, I'm sure your imaginations are hitting the nail right on the head.
3. On a plate: Icecream - freezing cold sanity.

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