Monday, May 6, 2013

Joy Dare - 3 Gifts Found In Christ

I found a beautiful page and blog that has inspired me. And even though I am a procrastinator and didn't find it until a while ago AND still have not done much with it besides look it over, today's joy dare was just too perfect to ignore. SO... I am going to take some time and be thankful for all God has given me.
First things first, here is a link to the page:
A Holy Experience
Her name is Ann Voskamp and she has done a tremendous job of setting up a way for you to easily count 1000 blessings in a year. Even as much as a procrastinator as I am there is no way for me to "skip" it...

This is from the dedication of our adoration chapel. I finally went and spent some time there this week just before Jake my youngest son got his first communion. THIS is when I found the answer to today's Joy Dare, how appropriate.

I had answered this question earlier, but have thought more and more about it. So this will not be a repeat of that answer, but a more thought out explanation.

1. The presence of Christ in adoration. The peace it gives you, when I asked for that peace I actually FELT it wash over me. This will become a weekly habit for me, to sit in the presence of Christ for an hour in adoration.  I am lucky that we have this opportunity 24/7.

2. The presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The utter JOY I felt after receiving absolution this last week, with the understanding that it made me worthy of then receiving the Eucharist. The JOY I felt when I saw my youngest son (and fourth child of six) take this sacrament for the first time. The COMPLETE JOY while I watched Father explain to these 60 young children just what they were doing and the words they should remember each time they take in the body and blood of Christ.

3. The presence of Christ in my life. He has made a sacrifice so great that I can not fully understand, for me, for my salvation, for my sins, for my eternal life.  I see Him in every corner of my life, not just at adoration, not just in the Eucharist, but in EVERY corner. When I forget to look for Christ, that is when my life seems less than... I pray that I never stop learning about my Church, my faith and my Savior.

There are my three gifts found in Christ. I am blessed beyond measure, and more than I deserve, and loved beyond words.

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