Saturday, May 11, 2013

In the Aftermath of Celebrations...

 As I wake up this morning after a week of celebrating two events in our home, having a visitor for the week and WAY overeating last night... it's just me... and my computer... and a cup of coffee.

The rest of the family is either gone, to help with the wounded warrior shooting competition at the Olympic Training Center, or sleeping. The wind is blowing a bit so I hear the slight tinkling of my smaller wind chimes...
and the louder melody of my larger wind chimes.
Even Tasha is enjoying the beautiful, quiet morning...
 And it gives me time to reflect on the activities of the week. Jake and his first communion, which was yet another ceremony that us as parents have obligated him to, but that he accepted with excitement and style, and a goofy smile... lol. typically Jake. 

And it would seem that with some prodding from his older sister who was able to serve at his First communion mass, that he might be the first boy in the extended family to become an alter server.

All the kids were excited and were able to give him support and encouragement..

Then it was Joe's turn. Thursday brought his Confirmation. Another ceremony instigated by his parents, because we had to prepare him for it and make sure he met the requirements. Yet different because this one he had to decide to do himself.  This was his chance to confirm his belief and willingness to follow in the faith. His chance to make the call.

And he did. He thought it out, made sure to fulfill the requirements that were up to him and he took his time to make his choice of patron Saint. He followed his older brother in choosing St. Michael the Arch Angel for his patronage of the military and it didn't hurt that he happened to be the one to cast out the devil.

Joe did this, although I know some families take the responsibility of this ceremony on themselves too and force the young men to comply, we made it clear that it was his choice. He could have chosen to wait, or never do it at all. The fact that he went through it anyway, made it all the more meaningful.

Congrats to both my boys, you've made your momma proud. (and the rest of your family too.) 

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