Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If I Could Clone Myself ...

Well I don't think I would, but at least I could do more than one thing at a time. I've not blogged in a while because I had some beading to catch up on. In my day to day life I do many things: homeschool, keep house, you know wife and mother stuff so my "hobbies" have to be the things that get shuffled.  So today I will show you what I have been working on (aside from the daily stuff).

An ever familiar early morning trip to the airport. DIA ever changing, has there ever been a day since they started it that there is not more construction going on? It's kind of a mess right now.

I finished this. A tree of life using birth stones, just like one I did for a customer but this one has two more stones added a gift for her mother. to match her own.

I finished another project for a friend I have only met online. Funny huh? Well it is for me anyway, I remember when people thought you were crazy to think you could "meet" someone online and they could then be called friend. I found this friend due to a common thread, we are both moms of West Point cadets. Her cadet is graduating and getting married and she wanted something special.

 Laying out the components helps me figure out what I'm going to do. I say helps because nothing ever comes easy to me. I start with one design and end up with something different. I started this project several times before hitting on something that "felt" right.

The finished product:  I love using paint chips for jewelry cards. I keep wondering, however, if someday the paint chip police are going to come and arrest me. LOL 

Another something for someone special.

This tree of life is a little different and made for another one of those online friends. She won it in a give away I did a while back. I am hoping she loves it. I really like how it turned out. As our families are ever growing I left some space for hers to grow too. I love these projects.

I spent Monday morning running errands with my daughter. This was our view when we were headed home. Beautiful isn't it. Hard for me to look at now, knowing that at that moment there was a monster of a tornado tearing apart the lives of so many in Oklahoma.  I pray for all of them, the victims, the families and friends, and for all those stepping forward to help them out.  May they all find peace, comfort, and strength and as much of it as they need.

Finishing projects is fulfilling. Finishing several in a short time is best! Getting them in the mail for people who will enjoy them, nothing else like it.  I usually have several I'm working on. I have a few that are going that seem to be dodging my efforts I've been working on some of them for a very long time.  Will they ever be finished? I don't know.  I figure one problem out, and then find another... creativity is like that - at least for me.

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