Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

No post I saw this morning (other than my own oldest child's post to me) rang so true as this one did.
I can feel my mothers hug, as well as my grandmothers, even though mom lives 2000 miles away and my grandma passed a long time ago. 

 My momma with me (on the left and my sis on the right). 
Happy Mother's Day Sis. :)  She has three nearly grown girls herself and went back to school and is now a phenomenal nurse. :)

My grandma Minnie (on the right) and my favorite Aunt Maxine. I miss them both.

Two of my favorite pics of my family with all my children together.

The oldest's tribute to me :) : "Happy mother's day to my awesome mom! ! ! Maxine Oberle only the best could deal with all us crazy kids! ! ! :D"  I really do love that Kidd. :)

                                         Painting by my friend Nicole Buckley
And today, also remember  the Mother of Jesus, who said "yes" when faced with the unimaginable. And let all of us mothers take her example of strength and courage.

Today as all the "Happy Mother's Day" sentiments are flying through the air I truly hope that each and every person out there feels the hug of their mother.

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