Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

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Five Minute Friday

Today's word: view

View from within: Looking out at my world. Like a roller coaster - raising teens will do that to a person.
Because just when you don't think it can get any worse, this comes into view:

View from outside: Full. Mom and wife with 6 kids from 23 to 3 years old. Small cluttered house. Activities, just one per person would be full, we usually have more. Blessed for all those same reasons. Crazy for all those same reasons - it depends on who is looking.

Favorite view: Husband within arms reach. Kids playing. Mountains from a far or from the top.

Least favorite view: The view I have on frustrated days when all of the above goodness seems dull and lifeless and hard.

I have hard days like everyone else. My family is not perfect, I am not perfect but when the view is best is when we realize we are perfect for each other, we work together, we play together, and we love. "

Our view can change in a moment, one nasty comment, one small slight of the heart and our attitude changes.
All those things that were just "right" can be all the sudden "wrong" AND
All those things that were just "wrong" can be all the sudden "right".

We are in charge of our view much more than we take credit for. We are responsible for letting others change our view. We are responsible for changing our view to be exactly what we want it to be.

Yesterday I allowed others to change my view for the worst. Today I woke up and decided my view would be greater!  Do others automatically fall in? NOPE, so I step back and change my perspective, change the angle of my view, change the attitude with which I deal with my view.  Today I will be just as blessed by the bickering of my children as I am by the sounds of them playing happily - why? Because they are still my children, they still bless my world, they are still my heart, my hopes, my dreams and yes, they are all that even when they are acting like the spawn of a monster.

And here is the kicker, if my children are acting like the spawn of a monster, what does that make me?
The wife of a monster.

Ha ha just kidding, that would make me the monster and yes, sometimes I do act like the monster.  That is a view I'd rather not see again.

Change your view, change your world, and you will change others view of you. 
One of my new favorite pictures because this is where I went to change my view one day and now I have the picture and it really does allow me to think about the events of that day or this and to change my view right from my computer.

Now go and if you are in a bad place right now... go change your view, change your attitude and change your day.  God bless.

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