Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A 'short' story for my littles...

Something amazing happened to me on my walk this afternoon. No, I didn't really shrink, but I did use my cell camera to get some pictures from a different perspective and that led me to write a bedtime story for my littles. Jesse was the only one who waited for me to finish it tonight, but she liked it and the rest of the littles will hear it tomorrow.  I know these little things are silly, but my kids really do enjoy my tall tales. I don't usually share them with the rest of the world either, but it's summer time and no matter what your writing level is, summer seems to be the best time to come up with some fantastic stories to share with your kidlets, or to help them write stories to share with others. The computer is perfect for this because you can easily add pictures. All the pictures in this story are mine, except for the lady bug picture.

Enjoy! Get creative! and if you do something similar I'd like to see it. :)

The Walk

Something strange and fantastic happened on my walk today, would you like to hear? I was so astounded by what was happening I nearly forgot to take pictures... nearly.
I started walking with my music playing. Pink singing Fun House was blaring from my cell phone. It is a good song for a walk, it keeps mamma moving quickly. Once I got just round the block I was amazed by the things that I saw, everything seemed so clean. That happens after a good storm.

The field at the end of the block was the most beautiful shade of green. It was a cool day, which I was thankful for and a slight breeze made the tops of the grass dance ever so slightly. It was not moving to the same beat as me, maybe the grass was listening to something a little softer.

After a bit I was looking at some beautiful blue flowers, or weeds as daddy would call them, when all of the sudden the wind picked up and I got very very dizzy.

 And even more strange the flowers began to get bigger, and bigger and bigger.

 Soon they were nearly as tall as me, and I turned around to see if anyone else seemed to be seeing this when I realized that the flowers were not getting bigger. I WAS GETTING SMALLER! I was shrinking.

I tried to gather my thoughts and get a baring on where I was. When you are smaller than the flowers it is really hard to figure out just which way you are pointed. How was I going to get home? I was at a loss. I was so scared that I would never get home to you, and even if I did would you step on me thinking I was just another ant. I was afraid, but first I had to get home. I had to try.

  I headed through those pretty blue flowers, which were now much taller than I was. I knew I had to hurry or I'd be shrunk to nothing by the time I got all the way home. It had only taken me 15 minutes to get to this spot, so I wasn't THAT far from home, how long could it possibly take me to get back?

 All along the way I just kept hoping that I was going in the right direction. After all these plants sure did look different, at one point I almost thought I had entered into a forest, but it turned out to be just another weed. I had decided not to go through that mess, I really did think I'd never find my way out of it.

The world looks amazing from this angle. The flowers seem so very bright. This one tickled my nose when I got too close, and I think it turned my whole face yellow. I have never had allergies before, but this one made me sneeze, and sneeze, and sneeze. 

 Look at these strange plants. I know I have seen them before when I was tall but now they really looked fascinating. And when I was bigger they seemed almost soft when I touched them, but now they were really pokey. I need to remember to stay away from these if I remain this size.

Just as I was getting parched I ran into this tall grass.  It still had dew on it, even at this late hour. It must be past noon already. Normally I would not have even thought to take a second look at the little drops of water on the blades of grass, but now it was just what I needed. Just a few drops was all and  a short rest, then I was off again. 

 It wasn't long before I found myself looking up at a very tall tree. I knew this tree! I was happy because this was the first thing that showed me I was heading in the right direction. But wait, this was only a short distance from where I had shrunk. Oh NO! My little short legs were not carrying me as far as my long legs had. Now what was I going to do? It was going to take me forever to get home.

 Just as I was getting discouraged a wonderful ladybug wondered onto my path. I was amazed when she asked me if I needed help. Apparently now that my ears were small too, I could hear the ladybug talk to me. I told her I was having a hard time getting home and she offered to give me a ride. 
note: this photo was taken from the internet, the rest are mine. 

She came along at just the right time too, because just as she was taking off I saw what was just ahead of me. I don't know how I would have gotten over that huge pond of water. I was heavy for the lady bug, and she struggled, for a second I thought I would end up in the water. I didn't and we had quite an adventure. 

  The scenery was beautiful from the back of my ladybug friend. Her name was Lucy, by the way, and she was on her way home too. She had 6 children just like me, and she was anxious to get home to them as well, but she still stopped to help me. What a nice lady bug.

Look at this gorgeous sky. It surprised me that it didn't really look that much bigger, even though I was so small. I guess the big sky is big no matter how tall you are. 

 We flew right by this tree that had fallen from the storm last night. I was glad that I had a house to be in while the storm was blowing, it was so loud. I asked the lady bug if she was protected from the hail She said that yes, they had hidden in a tree. I was glad to know it wasn't THIS tree. I guess the wind and hail were just a little too much for it.

 Lucy let me down next to a beautiful purple and yellow flower. I had never seen anything quite like it. I knew I was almost home though because Lucy said she knew just where I lived. I had described our yard and she had been there to eat gnats before. How lucky for her and me. I hate gnats, but she and her friends love to eat them and sometimes our yard is the perfect buffet for them.

I started to feel really strange again and the wind started to blow and soon I was standing above a clump of little purple and yellow flowers. Wow! I had not even noticed all of them before. I thought there were just a few.

Then I got taller and taller... soon I found myself standing in my very own yard.

What an amazing adventure. I'm glad I went for a walk, but I don't think anyone will believe that I shrunk, it is a good thing I got my pictures. I will never forget.

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