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Friday, April 5, 2013

The birds and the bees... and gum.

Every parent knows this discussion is necessary. Every child wishes it wasn't.
Here is the thing, when it's time and you know it I have learned that it's best to just get it out and then have the CONVERSATION, not just the discussion. Give them a chance to talk back.
So one mom I know was having this discussion and the kids went on and on about how this conversation was getting way to awkward. Well, it wasn't as if it was a discussion on the mechanics of sex, but more about how it should be viewed as THE MOST precious gift you give your spouse. Hence the reason we (that mom and dad) think it's so important to wait until AFTER you are married.
Two things came out of this conversation that I loved.

1. This mom told her kids that they had three choices. They could discuss this subject with:
     A. Mom
     B. Dad
     C. The parish priest.

After mom had their attention and they knew the conversation would be happening and they  might as well do it now. Mom said to them. If your friend across the street wanted to give you a piece of gum. Would you rather have the piece that they had passed around to all of their other friends to chew on first, or would you rather have the piece that was new and in the wrapper that had been saved just for you?

While the kids thought this was pretty disgusting - they understood.        Just had to share...

A good friend read this and suggested a source for talking to kids about this. What better place to put them then at the bottom of this blog?

True Love Waits - has something for everyone.

Pam Stenzel does some fantastic talks on the subject of abstinence. And there are a lot of resources on her WebPage.
Here is a video that shows part 1 of her 'Sex Still Has a Price Tag'. She does a very good job of being straight forward, and at a level that does not make kids feel like she is talking over their heads OR down to them.

One of the things I have a hard time with is finding clothing appropriate for pre-teen or teenage girls.
A Christian Home has a whole page full of modest clothing site links.
Young Wife's Guide has a lot of tips on dressing modestly without breaking the bank.

I hope these links help you get started.