Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nicole - A Multi-Talented Artist

Nicole is another friend I met because we are both West Point moms. Incredible how that one little detail has brought so many into my life.

Anyway, Nichole is talented in so many ways: humor, knitting, painting and positive thinking in general. It's Nicole's paintings inspire me so very much. Every time another goes across my screen, I am in awe. They do show the humor and positive thinking too.  I am sharing a several, because it was hard to pick just one or two, because her work is not all the same, which reminds me of HER.

I have not known her long, BUT in a couple short years over Facebook I have seen that she has gone through some pretty amazing things and her attitude is OUTSTANDING. She is an inspiration in so many ways, to know her - even just on Facebook - has been a blessing to me. Nicole probably does not even know how many times her posts and art have inspired me to make changes in my own life.  

Enjoy these paintings! :)

^:This is my favorite.^
^And what mom does not 'get' this?^

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