Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday - JUMP

It's that time again, if you'd like to join in on 5 minute Friday's just follow the link and jump on in. It's fun, easy and interesting to see what everyone else does.
Five Minute Friday

Today's word:   Jump

Jump into this project... I've no ideas.
Jump rope, jump in with both feet, jump-ing jax, jump from a plane.... yeah, nothing.
Although, I think it might be fun to jump from a plane... but I might chicken out of that one... I can imagine that the freedom is amazing once you get out of the plane, the sensation of being OUT there, watching as the ground rushes up at you, but maybe not as fast as you thought it would, until you are closer. But the initial jump, and then the moment just before you pull the cord to open that life saving parachute and you say a little prayer that it just opens...

Then it does, and you sail to the ground, with a surprising thud... not as easy as you thought.

Just like life.

Unlike skydiving - life gives a world of second chances.


  1. Life is never ever as easy as we think it will be. I'm thankful for God's grace here. :)