Thursday, April 4, 2013

Coleen Sharp - Beading Branches

My friend, and partner in crime (ha ha), has a great eye for color. We have put our items together on the Beading Branches website. I love her sense of style! Her heart is as big as Texas too. She has been ill for quite some time now but in doing the beading she is hoping to start a not for profit to help others in her position, kind of a beck and call helper service for those days when everyday life is just too much for sick moms.

Coleen has been an inspiration to me in her strength through weakness, faith, and her ability to make time for others in need. I have received gift baskets from her at some very bad times. Heartfelt, thoughtful gifts that let one know they are loved and thought of and valued. I know there are times when she feels helpless and tired but she does not give up nor give in.

We do have a Facebook Page too, where you can see custom items that are being made as well as newer items, contests, and general information. Come check it out. And do me a favor say hi to Coleen, she's not had an easy time since Christmas between her normal illness and added little colds and such.

Of course we have a permanent link under "My Jewelry"
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