Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Carol Okst - Origami Owl

Another crafty friend and fellow West Point mom, Carol, puts together these incredibly, awesome and unique living lockets that tell the story of the owner with beauty and fun. I have not ordered mine yet, but it is planned out in my mind (which btw has a hard time sticking to the same choices).

Here is an example of one locket on her Facebook page. Beautiful isn't it? And there is a wonderful story behind it too. You will have to go see for yourself.

Carol's business page is where you can see all the choices they have available for stunning, personalized lockets. There are 5 steps, all laid out from picking your charms, lockets, chains, plates, and dangles. Getting yourself a beautiful expression of who you are or a gift for someone else to tell them what you value in them is as easy as 1,2,3 ... 4,5.  And Carol is a joy to work with!

Of course when I get mine, I'll have to add it to one of my own beaded creations, the perks of being crafty myself, but they have some beautiful chains from which to hang the lockets.

If you loose track of Carol, I will have a permanent link to her store under "Sites Worth the Visit".
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  1. Oh, Maxine! I am so honored by this! Thank you so much!! :) I am having an incredible time with this new venture. As many know, I have searched and searched for a job where I could contribute to our household income in a local economy where jobs are not to be found. I am just beginning to grow my business, but I can honestly say the product sells itself. I am so grateful for your encouragement, love, and support!! This means the world to me!