Monday, April 1, 2013

Abortion Alternatives, Help, and Healing

This photo came across my facebook today.  I wanted to use it as I focus on something that gets overlooked sometimes as I speak against abortion.I do not "hate on" the women who have chosen this action. Abortion is a sin, it is a monstrous act upon our smallest and most defenseless and I will not change my mind on that. I do believe it is murder, no doubt.

There are two victims directly involved in abortion. The child, of course, but also the mother.  Far too often she has been sold an excuse as to how this will be the "best" choice. That it is "safe", "quick", and "easy". They are told that there are no "side effects" and that this child is not a child but a blob of tissue.

Here's the rub. This is a child and just as any of the "dumb" animals in our world know instinctively that they must protect their young (at least one parent) so do we. It is ingrained into our whole being. The woman who has been told this is the "best" choice will more often than not regret it, forever. There are physical scars as well. It has been proven that abortion increases a woman's chances of cancer. This is not something the abortion providers want to believe nor recognize and will outright LIE about. MOST women who choose abortion will go through depression, and a large number are severely depressed. The procedure itself can cause a woman to become barren. Many women have died from botched abortions. Babies who survive abortion attempts are often placed in a closet or directly into the trash to die, or killed in some other horrific manner.

When I talk against abortion, I speak out FOR the mothers as much as for the CHILDREN. Just as we do not allow someone who "cuts" to continue just because they want to, because it makes them "feel better", because they feel it is a "solution" so I will not stand by as a woman aborts her child and destroys her health because she feels it is a "solution", because she thinks it will make her problems go away, or because she feels it is her ONLY option.

There are other options, there is more information out there then an abortion provider will give you, there are people out here who will help you completely through your situation. From beginning to end. Abortion is not an answer, it is a path to more problems. It is not an "easy fix" to a "mistake". It is unhealthy, dangerous, and yes... murder.

We can move on from our mistakes, we can be forgiven, but first we must acknowledge that we have sinned. We must admit to ourselves that it was a mistake to begin with... if you've had an abortion and you have issues that stem from that STOP making excuses as to why it was "for the best", acknowledge that it was a mistake and then begin the healing process. If you are thinking about getting an abortion, seek truthful information. The people who want to provide your abortion have financial reasons to encourage you to that end... but before you go get ALL the information first, this will be the difference in how you deal with your unwanted baby, and how you heal from such a life changing event.

Here are a few links to places that can help you.
There is a comprehensive list here:
Priests For Life

If you have already had an abortion, do not think you must suffer in shame, or try and just forget. There are places available to help you too.
Rachel's Vineyard Ministries

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