Friday, March 29, 2013

Veneration of the Cross

Tonight, for the first time, I went to Mass on Good Friday. The Church has so many wonderful things to offer, and I need to start taking part in more of it. Does this make me a bad Catholic? No, just an unfinished one. :) 
Kissing the feet of Jesus on the cross is humbling. And if you meditate on it, brings you closer yet to the moments of Jesus death on the cross. Here is a short video to explain it more.

Father talked about how Christ was not broken but that his HEART was broken. And that when we carry our cross we only need to tie our heart to Christ's heart and our cross will be lighter. Considering my last blog post (before Mass) I took note, and smiled, because I know this to be true. :)

Even though we didn't know all that was going to happen at this Mass, the kids did very well. Emma bent to kiss the feet of Jesus, but didn't quite make it before she saw Father (holding the cross) and decided he needed a smile more. :)  I noticed tonight that even when Father does not actually have a smile on his face... he is still smiling.  My family has no clue what I'm talking about... it does not matter really, but I find it extremely comforting that our priest literally SHINES WITH JOY! What a blessing he is on our parish.

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