Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday: Broken

The first thing that jumped into my head when I saw the word "broken" was Jesus on the cross at the end of His crucifixion. But then I stopped. Yes, it is that season... Easter and that is what is on my brain, so it was easy to come up with the picture of Jesus his body completely broken and bloody, but  it was indeed just his body that was broken. His spirit, His soul,  they were complete and giving and totally aware of what He was doing when he gave his body to be broken so badly. Why? We are sinners, we are children, we are selfish, we are greedy, and tempted. BUT we are loved. God wanted to SHOW us how much He loves us. In His crucifixion we could SEE the extent to which God would go to save us. If we put ourselves in that moment we can literally use all of our senses to experience that moment. And it brings me to tears, sobbing tears at times. Because there are days, there are times, when I feel defeated by my life. Broken. And then I realize that I am not broken, I am feeling the weight of my cross BUT I am not broken, my body is whole, and I am loved, and I have a helper in this life to lift my burden. Jesus is right next to me, lifting the weight of my cross which is so much lighter that the one he carried for me.  And I am a child, but I'm a child of God, so I am blessed, and I am whole, even when I "feel" broken.

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  1. I feel that broken way a lot as well but as you have said, Jesus restores us to everlasting life. When I experienced my spiritual conversion to Christianity, the broken parts of my life were redeemed. Things I never thought I would speak of, He gave me a voice to tell thousands. Keep writing and seeking Jesus.