Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I just could not stop laughing...

Remember madder? Yes, well it caught up with me. Yesterday G.I. Joe decided that Shake and Bake was a target. So, Shake and Bake decided to play with the Ken doll while The Little Princess J played with her Barbie (newly acquired toys from the garage sale down the street - I hate Barbie). Anyway, when I asked what the issue was G.I. Joe informed me that we needed to get some G.I. Joe dolls (ok the names are getting confusing now, sorry) because at least they have a buzz cut. I asked what the difference was and he went on about how the Ken doll has more of a "swish" hair cut... not as funny without the elaborate hand gesture about his head as he said "swish"... Well, it was enough to set me laughing, then coughing, then laughing. My stomach hurt.
The same G.I. Joe seems to have made it his mission to make me laugh. I guess if I'm laughing he's not in trouble? The other day (and I have to add this so I don't forget it later) the Kidd was home on spring leave from West Point. He's a Yearling (second year). Next year he will be a Cow and at that time they are offered a loan at a very low interest rate. I am not crazy about the idea of a loan but I am not sure many of the kids turn it down. I forget the interest rate but it very low. Anyway, they call it a "cow loan". As the Kidd and I were discussing the loan G.I. Joe pops in with "well the way things are these days are you sure it's still money? Maybe you'll get your loan in milk..... ha ha ha get it? Cow loan? Milk? maybe a lifetime supply of milk?" Again his sarcasm made me laugh till my cheeks hurt.
Today the saying "I don't know if I should laugh or cry" came to mind because I think we've spawned a monster. He will be 16 in a short time... not an easy time to be raising teenage boys, and to have one that has his dads sense of humor and my sass... we are in trouble.

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