Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not So Happy Place...

Last night winds got as high as 90 MPH. The roar woke me up. Let me tell ya, I grew up in Wyoming and NEVER had the wind scare me... till Last nights Colorado wind storm. I was thinking, will we have a roof? And the little rain/snow that came with it sounded like nails hitting the house.

So, what? Well, while I was laying there listening for signs of the house falling apart I started to think about lent, and what that was all about. You see yesterday was Ash Wednesday and I was feeling pretty low because we had chaos in the house and I did not go to church. The chaos was ridiculous, and unnecessary. Little bits of disrespect have been blowing around the house like a steady breeze lately. Yesterday, it built into an all out windstorm. The wind last night was very close to the chaos that was here. Fitting.

We have 40 days to come up with a plan of action. We are not called to sacrifice much, Jesus has done that for us. We are called to come closer to Him through sacrifice and change. Coming closer to Him will bring us closer as a family. We have a good, strong family already - chaos is inevitable with 7 people in a small house. But, the storm that came through yesterday was not inevitable, nor was it proper, and definitely not acceptable.

My plans for Lent have not changed completely, I will keep my no FB policy, as well as the no artificial lights two nights a week. But there will be a stronger focus on family and prayer then I had first intended, and I'm guessing God had a hand in helping me to figure that out. Yet one more example of how I am a stubborn child of God and now and then He must smack me upside the head to get me to listen. A firm, loving, windy smack upside the head.

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