Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Artificial Lights - Day One

Day one of living by living by candle light (ok only two days a week, but this will be day one) will be underway shortly. As the sun begins to go away. Candles are out, hopefully enough of them, and matches are found.

One small, or not so small problem, there is a HUGE mess of stuff in my living room and dining room from the girls room. Dad decided (and rightly so) that there was just no way the girls were going to get their room clean the way it was. He asked them to get all the stuff out of their room. OMGoodness! There was more junk in there than either of us could have imagined. So today I spend the entire day organizing the furniture in the room. We took the bunk bed, which they had separated and we set them next to each other, stuffed some stuffing between the beds and made it as if it were one big bed, this solved two problems. 1. The two older girls were sharing a bed anyway, because the Little Princess J does not like sleeping by herself. 2. Cheeks really needs to start sleeping in a bed that is not mine. And 3. It makes more room. We re-purposed one of the dressers into a baby doll dresser, bed . All the baby dolls and clothes and accessories are in a dresser
(btw that creeped me out just a bit, it reminded me of stories of REAL babies being put in dresser drawers to sleep). More room made. We threw a couple of well placed blankets and pillows on top of that dresser and low and behold we have a reading nook, with one small drawer for a journal and pencils etc. Sharpshooter Princess M is thrilled. Books are out on shelves, and organized. The cabinet we had some of the books in (thrown in) is now a closet for GIJoe's CAP stuff and more "older boy" stuff so little fingers will not get hurt. All looks wonderful in the room. Now to gather the piles on the outside and decide what to keep, what to toss and what to give away... by candle light of course. Cooking by candle light - that ought to be interesting too. Now I'm out of here to get some major work done. No netflix tonight... I don't think I thought this through really well. I'm saving this as a draft and will let you know how that turns out.

And how it turned out: dishes and dinner MUST be done before dark. Little Princess J, Shake and Bake, Cheeks and I sat and told trailing stories, where one of us start the story and the others add to it. That was fun, the older kids were jealous... just a bit, when they got home and heard about the fun.

All in all I wanted to give up when it came to dinner and dishes, but aside from using lights for a couple of things (like changing a diaper) we did great. It's just lights, we had candles, and it amazed me by the end of the night that I thought it was such a pain. LOL <

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