Friday, February 17, 2012

New Techniques: Take One! Crocheted Wire

What's that you say? Crocheted wire? Well, that's what I thought. And to begin with I used what I had, which was some bent up black, 26 gauge wire and a size H hook.

I took the wire, about 5 feet of it, and added some random crystals and glass beads I had laying around. The crochet part is pretty easy, you just do a chain stitch. Easy? Did I say that? I don't crochet, because I find it very difficult to keep the stitches the same size. It's more difficult with wire. I didn't do a good job of it, but funny enough I still like the effect. As I did the chain stitch I took a bead every few stitches and brought it in to the stitch. I added the toggle clasp and went back into my previous ending with a second chain row. That turned into a hot mess, but something else I learned was that the messier it looks the better. Ok, now this is my kind of project...

A couple of other things I learned: the wire would be easier if it were not bent up, and the hook is a bit too big. It also needs a heavier pendent at the bottom to weigh it down. This necklace is 30" long and light.

Now for the results, pardon the photography, I was in a hurry to share AND photography is just not my talent.

I took it and doubled it. You'd have to have a pretty small neck for this, but I think it looks beautiful either way.

Here is a close up so you can see just how out of whack my "stitches" are. Like I said, it did turn out very well anyway.

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