Friday, February 17, 2012

New beginnings...

I've been having fun, and working. Fun on Facebook, working on beading and teaching, and growing. So Wednesday is the beginning of Lent. And normally I just do the same 'ol get rid of meat on Friday, and try to be nicer... etc... but this year we are going to try something more serious than giving up chocolate.

Speaking of Facebook, a neat post came across my wall. The author was discussing how last year they had given up artificial light one night a week. Hmmm. Ok, I'm game but I'm not so sure about the husband... easy fix. If he is willing he can join in, but if he's not I can still do this when he takes GIJoe shooting, when they get home I can go to bed. There are two more things I need to do this Lenten Season that I think might have a great effect on my life. 1st Confession... a really good confession. I have not done that in a while. 2nd Give up Facebook. Yes, my obsession. I find I am getting angry about all the political stuff that comes across my wall every few minutes. I need to get a clear head on things. Yes, this is an important election year, but really I am not going to solve anything myself... much less do it in 40 days. It will be there when I get back.

So three Lenten sacrifices. Lights twice a week, Facebook, and Politics. And a promise - Confession. With that there are a few things I think I will do that will be fun. Game night, once a week with the kids. Learn a few new techniques in my beading. And work on making my marriage even stronger.

** The picture above is of a tree of life I made, my first. As soon as I figure out what I want use as a necklace for it I'll be excited to say it's finished.

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