Sunday, February 19, 2012

My happy place includes ... Green Chili

The husband makes some killer green chili. We often have Indian tacos or put it over hash browns and eggs. Green chili really goes with everything really. Every year we go to a little place here and get fresh peppers. Last year we got one bushel and roasted them ourselves. Those were a medium heat chili and on the mild side because of the weather while they were growing. This year we got two bushels, had the grower roast them. These chilies are dynamites. and on the burn your butt scale about a 9. That's hot. The first chili we made from it was really hot... like you can't even taste after the first bite, hot. I like my food hot but that was too much. The next batch... it was ok... but still a bit too hot for me. I wonder what today's batch is going to be like, he's doubled the batch, and just gotten it to simmer.... my nose is burning and my eyes are watering and I have not even touched it, but boy it smells wonderful. :)

At mass this morning Deacon Bill said something that kind of stuck with me. Not that it was really THAT profound, but it stuck anyway. Why do we go to mass? Why do we go to adoration? Why do we congregate together to worship? Why did the paralytic's friends go through the trouble of lowering their friend through the roof while Jesus was there? It is to get closer to Jesus... all of those things we do we do to get closer to Jesus. I know, duh right? Still it was good to hear. Just like it was good to hear that we should have peace. Peace in our homes, in our work, in our hearts, between siblings... Yup good food and good food for thought. Today really is a good day.

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