Sunday, February 19, 2012

Date night

Hubby surprised me yesterday with a date to the shooting range. I shot the Kidd's Springfield XD 9mm. I did pretty good. Ok they are not all in the black, BUT put it up against a chest and it shows I'd hold my own if I ever had to defend myself. Still more practice is needed.

So, I think I like this one for personal protection. I have a Taurus .38 revolver, but I can't seem to get comfortable with it. I like the way it feels in my hand but shooting the thing is another story. This one I can hold AND shoot. I put about 90 rounds through it yesterday, and felt really good about it. I played with my position till I got something I was comfortable with ... well kind of. I still want to put my right leg behind me instead of side by side, just my quirk.

I think I'll do a lot more practicing of my 2nd amendment rights. I kinda think I like it.

For the second half of our date we went out to eat. He kinda does know how to treat a lady. Guns and ribs for dinner... :)

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