Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Civil Air Patrol

Today we got the official paperwork for GIJoe's new adventure. He's decided to give CAP a try and so far he loves it. After getting his ID# and other items he feels ready to test already. He did have a leg up since he'd been around and in Young Marines for a while. CAP is more relaxed on the kids (to some degree), but they seem to be in line for a great number of responsibilities. So... the adventure begins. Guess we will see where this leads him. In the meantime you know the littles always have to try on the new hats in the house. This time it was Cheeks that put it on... yup she's cute in that too.

His first "official" night of drill they did some safety training. It was so much fun watching those kids.

Can't wait to see what else transpires from this. There are plenty of opportunities. It's up to him to take advantage of them and work for the ranks etc.

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