Monday, March 1, 2010

Letting the creativity flow...

In my last post I talked a little about my beading. I've loved being creative in many different fashions for a very long time, right now I really love how fluid the beading can be. I started out making jewelry with beads, then beads and wire, then I decided to try this:

This is Maggie, she is my great grandmother on my mothers side. Mom and I have worked on our family history for a good long time. We have quite a family tree going. Maggie, it seems is THE mystery of the family. Sometime in the 20's Maggie took her youngest child, Marguerite, and disappeared. We have papers from a PI that suggest my great grandfather looked for her, but never found her. We have a letter suggesting that she may or may not have written a distant relative, but the letter was destroyed and they could not recall much, just that she wrote.

Anyway, I have become attached to Maggie, I find her story fascinating - as does my mom. So I made the above necklace for ME. The only piece of beadwork I have done for myself. My mom liked it, but does not wear jewelry. Which got my brain going...

What I had intended to do was to do another necklace, but instead of leaving it at that - hang it in a frame. However, me being - well ME, I just could not leave it at that, and decided that if it were going in a frame I would do the full size picture, on fabric, with the same design in beadwork as I had used in my necklace. My creative brain said STOP! rethink, and as usual, go to the net. I did, and looked up beaded embroidery just for a few ideas, right?

With a new picture in my head, I got some things gathered. The picture of Maggie (not the original of course), my stitch guide - makes beading through the heavy photo paper easier, beads, and other embellishments and I got started.

I started with a frame around the picture to serve two purposes. One to highlight the picture, and two to keep the picture in place on the fabric.

Once that was done, I tried (as the websites suggested) to draw on the fabric and then stitch over it. I hated that - I could not get the beads to follow the lines correctly. Something I'm learning to overcome is not to be such a perfectionist - let me explain. I'm not a REAL perfectionist, anyone who knows me will be laughing by now, but in my art - it nearly use to drive me nuts that what I saw in my head would NEVER get on paper, or in stitches, or what ever.

I threw the pencil, and started to free hand it. I also did not use my plan of where I wanted which beads, I just winged it. Once I got this far (above) I thought it was done, I loved it. AND it was less beadwork than originally planned (well in the latest plan anyway) but I didn't want the picture to be lost. Then I put it all in the frame and, well, it was lost... so out it came again with a sparkling new idea from my ever fluid creativity.

Now, when I started the last portion of this I had even more planned - a scallop across the bottom, but I have learned to do things in pieces so that I don't end up having to UNDO what I've done. I also had planned to use a circle of bone I have to "tie" the curtain, that did not work. I planned to leave the curtain loose, just hanging from the top, that did not work either.

When I put this in the frame - YES, that was it, it was done. I felt if I added the scallop it would have been too much. I would have added a picture here in the frame but ran out of room or something. Just as well, I am not a photographer, that is moms talent, and my picture IN the frame turned out bad - all 14 of them actually. So you'll have to do some picture-ing of your own. Picture this in a fairly plain black shadowbox frame.

I don't remember all the bloggers that I read, that helped me see that I needed to work on using that "picture" in my head of what I wanted to accomplish, then push it aside and look at what I have accomplished. Not compare the two, not to pick apart the real one based on the fantasy, but to just look at it and decided if I like what is there. For this piece, the real thing is absolutely NOTHING like the original picture I had. But I love it. And thanks in part to those other bloggers. THANKS. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

What on earth have I been up to???

Growing a baby of course. And I can feel it, this one is insisting on lots of down time, but I've been breaking it up so I clean etc, then rest, then clean some more, and do school with the kids then rest. You get the idea.

During the holidays I decided to make ornaments for my family and friends for gifts. They turned out well and I discovered (or rediscovered as it were) beading. I love creative-ness and I do love the way beads look and work. I also learned to use wire with the beads. I have a slide show at the end of the blog showing some of the things I've done SINCE Christmas. Some of those were gifts and some are for inventory.

A friend and I are going to start selling, website etc coming soon. I'm excited about this because it gives me the opportunity to do a craft I love, play with different ways to use the beads, wire, etc. I'm really excited about a couple of the ideas and will go into those individually later. Rosaries are on my agenda as well so if you're Catholic or know someone who is - stay tuned.

The kids have been talking excitedly about the baby coming, they have given their opinions on everything from what it's going to be (we don't find out via ultrasound), names (most interesting being "we should name the baby butterball" coming from our current baby of the family (now 3). And of course her opinion changes with every passing moment. I am getting anxious about it all, funny how that never changes, no matter how many you have. Will the house be as I wish it to be?, Can I really do this again?, Am I too old for this?, and the pain... never look forward to that but know I can deal with it. :) Been there done that just does not seem to be a sufficient answer when it comes to having babies.

Needless to say I intend to get my blogs going again, I'm sure there will be a break in the middle of April again but I'm going to try and keep things more up to date than I have recently. Enjoy, do something you love today. :)