Monday, August 17, 2009

Clutter ... shhh in my house that's a four letter word.

Clutter is a four letter word because if we have clutter that's a sign that things must leave, in boxes, by force, and usually with one or more of us screaming and kicking that "it's our favorite".

This happiness project comes with goals. The main goal is to make "happy" the focus of my house and my life, because frankly right now even though we are blessed beyond measure, we live in chaos. I see this process like a huge beautiful tree.

There are so many branches to the tree, and each main branch is a goal. Each main branch has smaller branches which is how I will treat the goals, with different sub goals to tackle. Of course we also have leaves - those are my ideas for each branch.

I can have several goals, and I can work on different branches each day so that when it is all said and done the tree is still balanced and full, and beautiful which will in turn give us strong roots.

Now I have tried to destroy clutter before but because I saw only one branch at a time it didn't make the tree very happy.

I made a friend long ago, but because I was stuck in chaos my friend got stuck in the closet. Her name is Flylady and she has a system.

My problem the first go round? Well, I saw the Flylady as a solution, not a tool. And her system used a lot of emails, and as I fell farther and farther behind, my friend the flylady seemed more like a pest.

So what's different this time? Well, I know that it will never be "perfect", my house will never be without some kind of clutter, BUT I have an attitude of gratitude I know that we are blessed, but we LIVE in our home. So Flylady here I come again, keeping in mind that you are a tool to use and shape and mold into my own working system.

Clutter will always be a four letter word in our house, but from here on out, maybe clutter and I can compromise and it will lend to less chaos.

BTW this lends itself very well for my "symbol" for my Project. A tree! :)

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