Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stress, stress go away...

Stress, stress go away

don't come back another day.

I've had about all I can take

another decision I can not make.

Kids are screaming and I have to say

I'll be screaming for three more days.

Baby says up, more, up

My arm says wrap, hot, wrap.

Messes and dirt all over the floor

holy cow I can't take any more.

He hit me, she pinched me, a pull of the hair

oh me, oh my, can I find a new lair?

One grumpy stressed hubby and five grumpy kids

I think we have finally all flipped our lids.

The night has just begun, busy we will be

a change in the schedule, I must hit my knees.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, do you hear?

I need your help and to feel you near.

Lord, you plans for me I can not see,

how do I become the person you want me to be?

I feel like a failure to this family you've given,

don't keep the path you have for me hidden.

Open my heart, ears and eyes,

don't let Satin mislead me with lies.

I pray to you with a tired soul,

help pick me up and make me whole.

Thank you Lord


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