Wednesday, July 22, 2009

St. Mary Magdalene

Today is the Feast day for St. Mary Magdalene. She is also my patron saint.

I am a convert, I was baptized, confirmed, and took my first communion in 1997. I took forever to pick a patron saint, but in the end what made me choose Mary Magdalene was that she was a notable sinner, not just an average sinner - she had seven demons that needed to be cast from her. Well, I had a list at the time of what I thought were my "worst offenses" it was something I had done throughout my RCIA process. I'm not talking the normal little things, of those there were many. :) But this was a list of things like taking birth control, and turning my back on Jesus and the Church for a time, even after I knew the truth - you get the idea. The list was seven long.

Then there is her story, she was such a sinner that she was "highlighted" in the bible but her sins were not really the worst of the worst, yet she was put there on the pages to be held as an example. She was there, asking for forgiveness - and getting it, she was there at Jesus feet as he drew his last breath, she was there to help take care of his body and get him ready for the tomb and then she was given a tremendous gift (at least in my view).

She was the FIRST one to see Jesus after he rose. Of all the people who had followed Him, and believed in Him, and obeyed Him it was Mary Magdalene He showed Himself to. It gave me such comfort. That was the story that made me understand that we are ALL welcome to receive all that God had to offer us. That no matter how low we had let ourselves sink, He could pick us up and make us clean, and THROUGH HIM, we can become the light that can lead others to Him.

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