Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beginning My Happiness Project

I began here:

I'm not sure I'm doing this "right" but since she does not have her book completed yet, I'm beginning where my brain tells me I should - the beginning of her blog... I'm just going to go through it adding bits as I go along. So far I sent for her monthly newsletter... then started reading her blog.

What I have decided that it really does not matter where I start, the goal is to become happy. My goal is to be genuinely happy more often than not. No more asking myself at the end of the day "what am I doing here" because in reality I know what I'm doing here, but I have a hard time being content with that.

So the first project I found to put on myself is to write my commandments. She has a list on her blog. Of course that gave me ideas on where to start mine. And really her first commandment (be gretchen) is a wonderful place to start.

1. Be Maxine.

Not to try to fit into the image of what others want me to be, think I am, or think I should be. I want first and foremost to be true to myself. How can I teach my children to be true to themselves if I can't do it for myself?

2. Be Content.

Be ok with all that I have and all that I don't have. This does not mean that I never strive or wish or work for something more. What it means is that I am content with what I have right now and even when I have the "wants" they don't have to be the focus of my thinking.

3. Laugh.

Be silly with the kids, laugh with my husband. Laugh out loud. Laugh.

4. Be a gentle giant.

Gentle giants do not have to yell to be heard or stretch uncomfortably to listen. I want to be a voice of reason, not the voice of a banshee. And I want to HEAR with others are telling me.

5. Be faith-FULL

Be so full of faith in God, in family and in myself that I am no longer afraid of every day.

6. Be generous.

Generous with my time, my money, my patience, my talents. BE generous.

There is the beginning of my list.
That is the beginning. It may change, it may grow, we will see. :)

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